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Latest version 1.2.4:

Download Windows installer
Download Windows stand alone
Download Linux Binary (x86_64)
Download Source (All platforms)

Browsers supported: Mozilla Firefox (3.x and 4.x or above); Internet Explorer 6 (or higher) ; Google Chrome (All versions)

What's new in this release

*Major bugfixes for Windows XP.
*Other small bugfixes.

What's new in 1.0 release

*Support for Google Chrome and Internet Explorer was added.
*Realtime protection "Active shield" was added
*New "Whitelist" feature was added
*Profile auto detection for Chrome/Firefox/IE now works on Windows/Linux and MacOSx
*New icons and renewed interface
#1 Fixed crash when no profiles were detected at first run
#2 Fixed slow down when user closed the scan window while a scan was still in progress
#3 Fixed system separator problem for profile auto detection

Dependences for source package

If you want to run Nixory from the source package, you will need the following dependencies:

>>Python 2.6.x
>>GTK and PyGTK 2.22 or higher
>>PySQLite 2.6 or higher (Nixory 1.0.x only)
>>APSW 3.7.x (Nixory 1.1.x only)

Older versions

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